How Long Does It Take To Wrap A Pallet

How Long Does It Take To Wrap A Pallet

Oct 19, 2020

Reusable pallet wrap reduces the use of stretch film and shrink packaging, reduces packaging waste management costs, easy packaging saves time spent on packaging and unpacking pallets. Stabilizes and protects your goods, and can be easily disassembled. By providing LANDY Inc reusable pallets Packaging products to make your brand and customers more sustainable.
Our pallet wrap is made of PP mesh, which can be reused compared to shrink film. It can help you reduce the cost of stretched film and improve work efficiency, thereby reducing the company's storage costs.LANDY pallet cover can be used in many industries such as daily necessities, food and beverage industry, chemical industry and so on.

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reusable pallet wrap: 30S to wrap


stretch film: 120S to wrap

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