How To Install Radiant Barrier Insulation In Attic ?

- Oct 27, 2017-

If you would like to lower your energy cost and cool your house in summer, the simplest way is to install a foil radiant barrier insulation in your attic.Radiant barrier insulation is a foil-like material that’s sold in large rolls.

Landy radiant barrier foil insulation is made of a thin sheet of aluminum or other reflective material laid over attic insulation or secured to the roof rafters.

Two ways to install Radiant Barrier

² staple rolls of foil radiant barrier insulation to the rafters

² lay the foil out on top of the insulation.

General Installation Tips

The following tips are provided to help reduce the labor time involved when installing radiant barrier and make your radiant barrier installation project easy .

²Start early in the morning when your attic is at its coolest.

² Carry all of your radiant barrier and tools into the attic to avoid unnecessary trips to and fro.

² Keep plenty of water on hand and drink even if you don't think you're thirsty; especially in the summer months.

² If your attic is not well lit, bring some type of additional lighting source.

² Find a centrally located area to set up your work area.

² Always be cautious of the attic floor joists you walk on. Some have a tendency of "rolling" when not securely fastened to the floor of the attic.

² For Do-It-Yourself-ers, don't try to complete a large job in one day. Take your time and spread the installation out over several days taking advantage of the cooler hours of the day.

² For professional contractors, work in groups of two to three. Having someone focused on cutting the product and handing it over to someone else installing it helps cut down installation times.

The cost of installing a radiant barrier depends on the type of insulation you have, the type of radiant barrier you choose, and whether you hire a contractor to do it or do it yourself. When purchasing the barrier itself, make sure it’s rated Class A by the National Fire Protection Association to meet all building code regulations.