LANDY Cheap Insulated Shipping Boxes Kits

LANDY Cheap Insulated Shipping Boxes Kits

Oct 12, 2020

LANDY Cheap Insulated Shipping Boxes Kits
LANDY  Insulated Shipping Boxes Kits provide thermal protection for your samples during shipping. We are a professional manufacturer of Insulated packaging Box/Bag, with the highest quality and integrity. The compact packaging of LANDY Insulated Box requires less storage space, is reusable and recyclable, so it is very economical, can reduce freight costs and reduce waste. They are excellent shipping containers that can be used to package and transport any temperature-sensitive products such as food, beverages and medicines. We provide a variety of options to meet your needs, and can customize any size for free to meet your exact requirements without paying additional fees.
LANDY Insulated Shipping Kits are equipped with a corrugated insulation outer box and an insulated box liner. The box and the insulated box liner are flat for transportation, which uses less dry ice than traditional foam shipping, requires less storage space and reduces waste.

insulated shipping packages


 Inside LxWxH: Customized

 Insert Wall Thickness: Customized

 Shipping Box Material: Corrugated cardboard+Aluminum foil

 Insert Material: Bubble aluminum foil/EPE Foam aluminum foil

 Item: #LD8236

 MOQ: 300 PCS

 Price:  Determined by size and quantity

Corrugated Insulated Boxes:

The custom outer packaging container can be printed on the outside, and the minimum order quantity of each size LANDY insulation carton is 300. There are the following sizes to choose from: small, medium, large and extra large.

thermal insulated shipping boxes

Insulated Box Liner:

LANDY Box Liner is a lightweight, one-piece thermal insulation liner with a space efficiency 75% higher than traditional molded cooling boxes. The paper box with thermal bxo liner on six sides can protect refrigerated, frozen and room temperature items. Frozen items are best used with dry ice or cold gel packaging. LANDY insulation kit is the most effective for keeping the temperature of the cargo in the box constant during transportation. It is very suitable for applications that require 48-72 hours of frozen transportation.


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