Landy Cold Chian Box For Ice Cream Delivery

Landy Cold Chian Box For Ice Cream Delivery

Nov 18, 2020

Landy cold chian box for ice cream delivery

The Landy cold chian box can keep the temperature in the freezer at -2°C for more than one day. It can be used repeatedly and can be used for air consignment. It can be used for ice cream (ice cream) take-out/airborne/express transportation and refrigeration to ensure products Quality.

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Landy thermmal box product features

1. It is very convenient to use and store. According to the size of the incubator and the length of time required to keep the low temperature before delivery, put an appropriate amount of "dry ice type low temperature ice pack" to freeze.

Not restricted by aviation, safe and convenient

2. During use, it will not produce a large amount of gas like dry ice, which will cause safety risks. Therefore, air transportation is not restricted by aviation safety.

3. Sufficient cold storage capacity, high cost performance

4. Repeated use, safe and reliable

5. Hygiene and non-toxic. The product has passed the strict testing and certification of domestic and foreign testing agencies, and proved to be a safe and non-toxic product.

6. Individual design, beautiful appearance.