LANDY Exhibition Invitation:Packaging Innovations 2020

LANDY Exhibition Invitation:Packaging Innovations 2020

Jan 06, 2020


The future of branded and inspirational packaging

26 & 27 February 2020 | NEC, Birmingham




1.Insulated Box Liner

Landy insulated box liner is easy to use and made of highly reflective aluminum foil insulation material, which can be used for effective thermal protection of cartons of any size. The liner is foldable for easy transportation and efficient handling. You can use box liner shipping cases to transport perishable foods, medicines, beverages and any other temperature sensitive products.

thermal box liner (66)

2.Insulated Pallet Cover

Insulated pallet cover can be used to wrap pallets of perishable goods for short-term shipments. Easily cover the top and sides of the pallet and have a reflective exterior to prevent the cargo from absorbing the heat of the sun. It is suitable for a variety of pallet configurations including 10 feet, 20 feet and standard sizespallet cover

3.Aluminum Bubble Mailer

Landy bubble mailer is available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. Whether you are a company with high transportation needs or daily use at home, Landy has many options to meet various mailing needs.

bubble mailer

4.Reusable Pallet Wrap

Reusable pallet wrap is often as the best alternative to stretch film for pallet packaging. Rrusable pallet wrap is designed to be reused thousands of times without affecting its performance.

reusable pallet wrap (2)

5.Degradable Bubble Wrap

We have professional certification of degradable bubble wrap, and can customize bubble shape, bubble size, color, etc.

bubble wrap