Landy Insulated Box Liner Advatages

Landy Insulated Box Liner Advatages

Feb 27, 2020

Landy Insulated Box Liner Advatages
1.Custom Size Box Liner
We offer box liner in various sizes, ranging from courier boxes to palletized goods. Submit your carton size or package contents we recommend for you
2.Wide range of applications
Thermal box liner can be used for storage and transportation of perishable products such as chocolate, medicine, seafood, meat, fruits, fresh milk, etc.
3.Box Liner Material quality certification
Landy insulation materials have passed ISO, ROHS, RGS and other professional certifications. The company's laboratory has also conducted a series of rigorous tests and prepared test reports. 97% reflectivity aluminum foil bubble insulation has been reduced from 45 ° C to 28 ° C within 3 hours under specific environmental experiments
4.Thermal box liner is better than EPS in thermal insulation packaging. LANDY ™ box liners help maintain the ambient temperature inside the box comfortably and prevent temperature drift. LANDY ™ box liners can save up to 85% of warehouse storage space, while EPS pays 60% more shipping costs.insulated box liner (4)
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5.Advice on thermal insulation packaging
If you are not familiar with the thermal insulation packaging, our product consultants will customize a thermal box liner packaging solution for you for free. You just need to provide your packaged product and insulation requirements.insulated box liner (6)
6.We have specialized in thermal packaging industry over 15 years. Has 6 fully automatic production lines and a team of 8 quality inspectors
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