Landy New Arrival: Hot And Cold Insulated Bag

Landy New Arrival: Hot And Cold Insulated Bag

Dec 29, 2020

Item Name: Hot and cold insulated bag
Size: Customized
Material: Aluminum Foil EPE Foam
Wight: 99g
Features: Lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean, strong (30 pounds)
Application: Lunch, Cake, Grocerry, Milk, Shopping, Other frozen items.

Outer layer: aluminum film 20um (printed aluminum film 40um)

Middle: 2mm high density EPE foam

Inside: 14um PO film with good tear strength

This kind of hot cold bag, it can put cakes, ice cream, when you need to buy iced food from the supermarket, it can keep warm or cool for several hours, and it will still be very good when you get home. It can be reused many times. This bag is made of aluminum foil material, PE + aluminum foil + EPE foam, PE + EPE material, with a handle.


1 According to food safety standards

2. Can keep food cold or warm for 3-5 hours

3. Hard plastic handle, can bear weight

4> Good sealing effect.

1.  Is the sealing mechanism durable? 
With hard plastic top and handle, it will be sealed like a zipper bag.
2. how long this package will hold cold?

less than 12-24hrs 

3. Can this thermal bag keep food warm for the day?
Yes surely.