Landy Range Of Insulated Thermal Shipping Bag

Landy Range Of Insulated Thermal Shipping Bag

Mar 05, 2020

Landy Range of Insulated Thermal Shipping bag1.Thermal Box Liner

Insulated box liner are easier and faster than EPS boxes. Just put the bag in the box, load the item and ship the box liner! The box liner takes up less space in warehouse and reduces packaging waste.

thermal box liner (70)

2. Thermal Insulated Shippping Box

Insulated Box are the preferred solution for products that need to be stored and transported over a range of temperatures, such as the pharmaceutical and food industries. Use with box liner to keep temperature longer

insulated shipping box

3.Thermal Bag

The handle design makes the thermal bag easy to carry, and it can be used for shopping, travel and outdoor activities. Our thermal shipping bags are available in a variety of sizes, sizes and materials to provide flexible insulation solutions.

thermal shipping bag

4. Insulated Pallet Cover

Landy pallet cover helps maintain temperature stability during shipping and storage, and can be used for US and European pallet sizes. Custom sizes are also available.