Manufactured Insulated Pallet Cover For Shipping&frozen

Manufactured Insulated Pallet Cover For Shipping&frozen

Feb 23, 2020

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Manufactured insulated pallet cover for shipping&frozen

The risk of damage to the goods is a real concern for both buyers and sellers. For example, it may be too cold or too hot to cause significant damage to the cargo. To ensure that products are delivered to customers correctly, proper protection is absolutely required. Landy offers a great solution to this problem: insulated pallet cover. Coupled with our insulated box liner bag, temperature fluctuations will be greatly reduced.

Frozen products are susceptible to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

A logistics company specializing in seafood and meat export services meet a problem with temperature changes, which was solved by Landy Co., Ltd. Thermal pallet covers can be used to transport pallets, providing short-term protection for temperature-sensitive perishable food. Pallet covers insulated are valuable in preventing temporary exposure of the product to direct sunlight. Landy pallet cover protect the product from temperature changes, which helps to maintain the quality and freshness of the product.

Using our foil pallet cover, environmentally friendly CooLiner materials can be quickly and easily applied to transport products, preventing temperature damage during transport. Landy Co.,Ltd specializes in producing insulated pallet transport products .If u are interested in our products or would like to exchange opinions on refrigerated transport, please contact us.


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