Reflective Insulation Weaken The Means Of Reflex, Can Only Get The Best Results

- Aug 01, 2017-

Everyone will encounter the occasion of shooting with the glass: the journey, in the car out of the landscape; museum, across the window to shoot exhibits; aquarium, across the glass fishing ...

Across the glass shooting will bring a lot of problems, and glass reflex is one of the most serious one. There will be many of your photos on the virtual shadow, seriously interfere with the line of sight, affecting the expression of the screen content.

In these occasions need to take the glass shooting occasions, how to minimize or even eliminate the glass Reflective Insulation, we must solve the problem.

Today is to tell you about the four reduction, the elimination of glass Reflective Insulation method, so you can easily deal with the glass Reflective Insulation problem.

Closer to the glass, can enter the lens of the less Reflective Insulation. As close to the glass as possible to shoot, can effectively reduce the scene behind the scene to reflect the probability of light.

Some people raised objections, "the lens by so close, polished how to do?" Think of a way not to let the lens directly hit the glass is not on it!

For example, in the edge of the lens affixed with a certain thickness of a small object, such as coins, rubber mud, etc., to achieve the glass surface and lens surface isolation.

In the museum shooting exhibition items, close to the glass, with a large aperture, basically can completely eliminate the glass Reflective Insulation, greatly weaken the existence of glass.

Glass Reflective Insulation light from the photographer behind, think of ways to weaken the ambient light is the most direct and effective way.

First is the most important thing, turn off the flash, turn off the flash, turn off the flash. Important thing to say three times.

Not off the flash will shoot such an effect:

Turn off the flash is just the beginning, you also need to think of ways to reduce the ambient brightness. In particular, can not let the ambient light than the glass side of the ambient light intensity.

If you do not pay attention to this point, such as across the glass under the sunset scenery, the room is very bright, your photos will become like this.

If you can control the surrounding light environment, it would be better. Turn off the lights and pull on the curtains.

If you can not control the lighting conditions around you can use the occlusion method: let the lens close to the glass, take a good look, and then covered with a dark cloth, the use of the shutter line.

This action is not elegant, but it is very effective.

One of the greatest uses of polarizers is the elimination of reflections. After entering the digital age, we use the polarizer are basically circular polarizer (CPL).

CPL is usually composed of two rotatable rings, with a serrated lower ring from the fixed role, used to fix the polarizer on the lens; rotating the upper circle can change the light angle.

When used to tighten the next ring, fixed mirror body, and then continue to rotate on the circle, facing the viewfinder observation, looking for the best extinction on the line.

So, is not using the polarizer, you can completely eliminate the glass reflex it? Let's take a look at the effect.

First shot a glass against the glass. You can see the glass appeared on the obvious reflection, reflecting the clear image of the building.

You can see the Reflective Insulation has been eliminated most of the glass after the scene is also very clear, but still can see some of the building's blur.

It can be concluded that the polarizer can significantly reduce the glass reflection, but can not be completely eliminated. Need to meet other means of reducing the Reflective Insulation, in order to achieve the best results.