Thermal Cardboard Box For Transporting Food

Thermal Cardboard Box For Transporting Food

Nov 05, 2020

thermal cardboard box for transporting food
LANDY thermal cardboard box is made by folding water-resistant thermal insulation composite board. The water-resistant thermal insulation composite board is composed of aluminum foil, foamed honeycomb sandwich and coated kraft paper from the outside to the inside. It is foldable and water-resistant with water-resistant and thermal insulation properties.
Insulation carton. By maintaining the temperature in the packaging box, it reduces the impact of changes in the transportation environment on agricultural products and meat products, thereby achieving the purpose of extending the shelf life, effectively protecting against various impacts during transportation and preventing product damage. Thermal food box is suitable for use There are low-temperature transportation requirements for fruit, vegetable, and meat packaging.
thermal cardboard box