Wall Insulation Future Market Demand For New Energy - Saving Insulation Materials

- Aug 01, 2017-

Relevant data show that wall insulation materials and building energy efficiency industry is in a period of rapid development, the past five years, environmental protection, new wall materials, especially the new wall insulation material output value of about 20% per year rate of development. Traditional high-energy building materials gradually replaced by new building materials, and thus fade out of the market. New building energy-saving insulation materials will usher in an excellent development opportunities. At present, China's building insulation materials industry according to the service object and stage, divided into new buildings and existing building energy-saving transformation of the two major markets.

1, the new building insulation materials market size

New building insulation market demand mainly in the following areas:

First, the new urbanization to promote a large number of rural population into the city, bringing a large number of new residential demand. According to the United Nations Population Department forecast, China's urbanization rate in 2020 will reach 61%, the total population of 1.387 billion. With the current per capita living area of 32.9 square meters, China's urban housing demand in 2020 will reach more than 200 billion square meters, the external wall area will be more than 50 billion square meters, according to "second Five-Year Plan" 50% energy efficiency standards, according to An average of 150 yuan per square meter of input calculation, energy-saving buildings need to invest 7.5 trillion yuan. China's current stage with the rapid development of urbanization, residential-based new open public building area for a long time, for the demand for residential insulation materials opened up a space.

Second, the rise of urban agglomeration requires the upgrading of urban basic public services, will drive schools, hospitals, sports venues and other service facilities. And relative to residential buildings, the public building of the external wall to promote the process of insulation and insulation requirements higher, so as to promote the rapid development of building insulation market;

Third, the policy, the future protection of housing construction is also the application of building energy-saving insulation materials to provide a broad market space. According to the "second five" plan, the state should increase the protection of housing construction efforts to speed up the transformation of various shantytowns. National Development and Reform Commission requirements, the next five years to build urban affordable housing project 36 million units, so that the coverage of affordable housing reached 20%.

China is expected to increase the annual construction area of 1.6 billion to 2 billion square meters, if the external wall area in accordance with the construction area of 2.5 times the annual increase in external wall area of 4 billion to 4.75 billion square meters. The future of new buildings on energy-saving insulation materials market demand will continue to grow rapidly.

2, both building energy-saving market scale

Existing buildings of energy-saving transformation, divided into two levels:

First, the existing residential insulation transformation, including the northern heating area and hot summer and cold winter areas, which for energy conservation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the indoor thermal environment and so on is of great significance.

Second, the energy conservation of public buildings. Ministry of housing construction has been initially identified nearly 40 cities as a "second five" during the public building energy-saving key cities, each public building energy-saving projects can enjoy 20 yuan / square meter of financial subsidies. By 2015, the energy consumption per unit area of public buildings in these cities will be reduced by more than 20%. Among them, the energy consumption of large public buildings will decrease by more than 30%. Each city will complete the transformation area of not less than 4 million square meters in the next two years Rice, the market size of about 400 billion yuan.