What Is Foil Pallet Cover Insulated

What Is Foil Pallet Cover Insulated

Feb 18, 2020

What is foil pallet cover insulated?

Pallet cover insulated provides a standard constant temperature in hot and cold environments.
Foil pallet cover are fully foldable, easy to return, and are made of durable, highly reflective aluminum foil + bubble material, designed to stay clean due to their smooth surfaces. Pallet cover is wrapped to protect perishable items. The insularted pallet cover helps keep the temperature constant during transport and storage, thus maintaining a good temperature ...

Compared to refrigerated trucks, insulated pallet cover is a cost-effective solution that provides customers with high-performance temperature control while saving millions of dollars in cold chain costs. Insulation blankets also help prevent cross-dock transportation and thermal damage on the tarmac.

Landy makes a range of reusable pallet cover that are cost effective for two-way freight. Reusable pallet covers are designed to be folded flat and kept compact so they can be easily transported back

thermal insulated pallet cover

Benefits and uses

Maintain temperature during transport and storage

Extremely lightweight and flexible, easy to store and use

Velcro app, easy to use

Waterproof, puncture proof, lightweight and leakproof

Can be reused again and again

Industries using insulated tray covers


Food and Drink

High Technology and Electronics

Industrial chemicals and paints

medical products

pallet cover

Both US and European pallet sizes are available. Custom sizes are also available. If you are interested in our products or want to exchange ideas about refrigerated transportation, please contact us.