What Is The Best Pallet Wrap

What Is The Best Pallet Wrap

May 06, 2020

what is the best pallet wrap?

Reusable pallet wrap is usually the best substitute for pallet stretch film. The design of heavy duty pallet wrap allows it to be reused thousands of times without affecting its performance. Therefore, by using the environmentally friendly and reusable pallet cover we provide, companies can reduce the amount of stretch film waste generated during pallet packaging and save a lot of money.

MaterialHeavy Duty Mesh Material, Velcro
SizeStandard pallet size or customized
ColorGreen, Blue, Black, Grey
ISO9001, NFPA-701
ApplicationReplace traditional pallet film

Advantages of Reusable pallet wrap material:

* Sturdy, waterproof and breathable material.

* UV protection fabric is very suitable for outdoor use.

* Can be reused for more than 3 years.

* Can provide European / American standard tray size or customized size.

Reusable pallet strap material
pallet strapping

The applications of duty reusable palet wrap:

Protects shipments of chemical/pharmaceutical/seafood/vegetable/meat or products need wrap film.

use pallet wrap


1. How to wrap and strap a pallet?

Landy reusable pallet strap is a perfect box to replace the traditional film, reducing transportation costs.

2. What is

reusable pallet strap made from?

Rugged and breathable mesh material + Velcro.