What Materials Are Good For Self Made Insulation Bags

What Materials Are Good For Self Made Insulation Bags

Nov 30, 2020

The silver material inside the insulation bag is aluminum foil reflective and thermal insulation layer, which provides thermal insulation. The outer material of the insulation bag is: double-sided laminated PVC with mesh cloth, waterproof and oil-proof, super tensile strength, friction resistance, and strong anti-wrinkle ability;
inner material: aluminum foil laminated with non-woven fabric or laminated with 2mm pearl cotton outer Reinforced by PVC, 8mm super-density insulation cotton is sandwiched in the middle;
support material: bottom hard rubber board;
2cm high-density super hard extruded board around and bottom. Insulation bags, ice packs, ice packs, also called passive refrigerators, are packages with high heat insulation and constant temperature effects (warm in winter and cool in summer). They are made of high-quality materials and are convenient to carry. Like to use when driving, holiday outings, family picnics
There is a heat preservation material in the insulation bag. This material has a relatively low thermal conductivity, which blocks contact with the air, so that the temperature inside is concentrated in the bag and cannot be directly dissipated, which prolongs the time of temperature loss in the bag. Achieved the purpose of heat preservation.
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