What's Foil Insulation & Foil Bubble Insulation?

- Oct 27, 2017-

We usually hear that people ask what’s foil insulation?

Insulation, in the context of what you are going to stuff into your attic, is a material that slows down the transfer of heat. Its really that simple. Fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation, spray foam insulation and even rock wool are ways to slow down the movement of heat. We either want to keep heat out or in. Insulation can do this.

What foil does best, when installed properly, is to REFLECT the heat away. As a reflective surface, the idea is to create a radiant barrier in your attic that the infra-red rays cannot get past. You will have a barrier that stops heat from radiating into your home (hence where the name comes from).


Foil bubble insulation, whether it is LANDY,Reflectix, ARMAFoil, RadiantGuard, Polarlum, Ecofoil, or any other brand can actually qualify as insulation. Unlike the regular foil, it has bubble wrap sandwiched between the foil. This bubble wrap, whether a single layer or a double layer slows down the flow of heat.

foil bubble insulation factory.png