Who Sells Insulated Shipping Boxes

Who Sells Insulated Shipping Boxes

Sep 23, 2020

LANDY thermal packaging solutions are produced using highly reflective aluminum film materials. As a reliable high-performance insulated packaging solution, insulated shipping boxes can transport perishable goods under ideal temperature conditions. If you are looking for reusable insulated food packaging, then LANDY insulated box is perfect for you.

The thermal shipping box is ideal for transporting refrigerated food, such as meat, cheese and chocolate, as well as fruits and vegetables. The insulated delivery box kit is also suitable for transporting iced fluid products, such as detox juice, cream and raw milk, and its excellent insulation properties make it ideal for frozen products (such as ice cream).

Due to its sturdy structure and flexibility, the insulated food delivery box of the insulated box can hold up to 30kg of products.

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LANDY can customize the insulated box kit to meet your business needs.