Why Use Landy Insulated Pallet Cover

Why Use Landy Insulated Pallet Cover

Feb 23, 2020


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Reusable Pallet Cover with Velcro


Pallet Cover without Velcro



Item Name

Thermal pallet wrap cover


Aluminum Foil+Bubble Film 


Strong self-adhesive strip



EU/US Pallet Standard Sizes, L*W*H can be customized


50 PCS

Coantact us customize your pallet cover

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1.Thermal Pallet cover Advantages
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Resistant to high temperature effects:

The seafood international logistics company we work with believes that the Landy insulated pallet cover has protected the quality and freshness of its seafood. They using Landy's pallet cover, saving them millions of dollars in refrigeration and labor costs eac

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Professional certification of thermal insulation materials:

The main materials of thermal pallet cover is 97% reflectifity aluminum film  and a bubble layer. Our insulation materials have obtained professional certifications such as ISO and fire detection

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Insulated Box Liner:

Insulated box liners are Landy's strengths and are used to transport temperature-sensitive seafood and medicines. Box liner and pallet cover work together to increase the ability to regulate temperature



3.Pllet Cover Manufature 

pallet cover production