Why You Should Insulate Your Building

- Apr 24, 2018-

Why you should insulate your building

With the most effective insulation products, keeping the indoor temperature in the most comfortable condition. If it can be used under normal conditions, the effect of insulation and heat insulation material will be more lasting.

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 As we all know, The metal plates on the external walls of the building convert the sun's energy into heat and reach indoors, causing air temperature to rise.It feels very uncomfortable. So we use aluminum bubble insulation to redirect the heat. The material is installed on the surface of the metal plate, which can reflect the heat of the sun by 97%, greatly reducing the heat transfer to the interior and obtaining a more comfortable indoor environment.


At the same time, the visual beauty is also particularly important. The overall effect of the bubble heat insulation products on the surface or interior of the house is uniform and tidy.More styles for your building.

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Besides, we have to say our product is a bubble heat insulation material product, the main function is to keep the indoor environment cool in the summer, at the same time house air conditioning heating is not easy to lose and the outside air cold insulation in the winter , which is saving energy, effective and light, easy to install, so if you are looking for the most cost-effective insulation type product, we strongly recommend our blister insulation, as details below.


The benefits of bubble insulation include:

  1. Reflects 97% of solar energy.

  2. Lightweight makes it easier to install, can be nailed, glued or nailed into place.

  3. Safe to operate without respiratory equipment or special clothing to avoid itching or irritating odors.


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To keep your building at a comfortable temperature, aluminum bubble heat insulation is the best products you can choose. If you need help with determining material amount, and cost to insulate your building please give us a call and we will be happy to contact with you.

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